"The Big Piney River National Scenic Trail Ride. Now this was an adventure for all of us!"
With Whisky and me in Mom's trailer, we left Dallas in the wee hours of the morning. We arrived at the site in Missouri in mid afternoon.
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They had rented stalls for Whisky and me. This was the first--and the last experience with tie stalls for all of us.
Mom and Sharon set up camp. Their little tents are under the big tree. Mom's Suburban and white trailer were parked in front
The trails were really beautiful. Mom carried a little camera and took photos as we went along. Here, Sharon and Whisky are right in front of us.
We all enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Not to mention all the grass to nibble.
Just look at those mountains!
This was a big ride with over 100 riders from all over the country. They were riding every breed of horse--and some things that weren't horses. I had to look three times at this guy!
Here's Mom and me in the Big Piney River. After the riding every day, she'd bring me down here on a lunge line and let me play. She laughed and laughed at me for totally submerging myself in the water, but it felt good to me!
I had a really wonderful time on this trip, and I felt that Mom did too. After we got back, I heard her telling people that one day a lady came into her camp and tried to buy me. Well, what she actually said was, "I don't suppose you want to sell your Morgan, do you?" Gee, I guess Mom made it clear I wasn't for sale. She was planning to keep me! As I looked back though, I realized that we both knew it was going to be forever that very first day we looked at each other in Oklahoma.
And trees!