"Mom And I Start Doing Parades And Trail Rides. It Was Never Like This At The Breeding Farm!"
As soon as I got to Dallas, Mom introduced me to her friend, Sharon and her Quarter Horse partner, Whisky. Just a few weeks later, we all went to South Texas to trail ride with Sharon's uncle.
It was a really neat place. I had a little paddock of my own for overnight where I could eat breakfast and have a little playtime before going out on the trail
After the rides, we got to be turned out in  big pasture. Whisky and I hung together some of the time. That's him in front of me.
After the fun we had on this ride, Mom and Sharon decided to go for something more ambitious. Like going to a week long ride in Missouri--over 600 miles from Dallas!
Go with us!
The trails were really neat too. That's me walking up a little stream. Actually, I really didn't like going through water before this. I never realized how much fun water could be!
Wow! That's me in the lead there. This was my very first real trail ride, and I was getting into it. I never had so much fun in my life. 
There were some mares in the field too, and I, uh, sort of liked to spend time with them as well. Hey, I mean, they followed me around. Guess I'm quite the ladies' man.