"The Competitive Rides Were Quite A Learning Experience For Both Mom And Me."
After a few dry runs to get the hang of camping out together, Mom, Sharon, Whisky and I headed for our first Competitive Ride. It was in the Angelina National Forest in southern Texas.
Anyway, when all was said and done, I finished fourth in our Class! Mom was SO excited! She even got a trophy. It was neat even though it didn't seem particularly tasty when I sampled it. Oh well, she liked it, so I was happy for that.
This was the park itself, right on the Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Tall pines, blue water, it was just beautiful!
We had a great spot for a camp site.
Whisky was at Sharon's trailer...
and I was at Mom's.
We had lots of shade underneath all those wonderful Pine trees.
The ride was very exciting! It seemed like all the horses could tell this was more than just a pleasure ride. Myself, I was SO excited that I failed to stop and drink when I got the chance. You can bet I never made THAT mistake again!
With this experience under our belts, we all were eager for more. I never had so much fun--except for the darned horseflies. Ouch! One just got me!